Pony crazy

My eldest has jumped onto the My Little Pony bandwagon. Insists on watching the episodes everytime we are at Segar. She can watch them repeatedly. 

Last week, after sending the husband off at the airport, we went to Vivo. Spent some time in ToysRUs and BuildABear. 

Hessa was definitely not easy to please. She wanted a specific one – Princess Celestia. None at ToysRUs. 

Headed to BuildABear and Hana got so excited! Since her birthday just passed, we got her a MLP. Hessa helped her with the whole process. But she said clearly, “I want Princess Celestia mama.”

Gosh. Asked the staff and she said those were past releases and they don’t have stock any more. Sigh. Told Hessa I would try but no promises. 

As we were paying, this lil girl and her mum walked past with 2 ponies in a big paper bag. It was Fluttershy and another pony. I didn’t know they came with optional outfits! My mum and Hessa went “Waaahhhh!!!”

So yeah, I knew the outfits had to be part of the set too. Tried locally first and found a Princess albeit being Twilight Sparkle. Seller had Twilight and Pinkie Pie in their outfits with tags on. Got those at a steal.

Then came the difficult one. Princess Celestia was definitely not available locally anymore so I had to find her using Amazon. Yes, direct from states aku sanggup order coz Hessa loves her so much. Didn’t make sense to just order one so I got Princess Luna too. No outfits though. That one I scoured though ebay. 

Collected Twilight and PinkiePie earlier. Dunno if Hessa saw them but definitely not giving the ponies to her until her birthday.

Keeping my fingers crossed she doesn’t ask for Princess Cadence next. 

The lengths a mum goes to just to make her daughter happy… 

I Won’t

Some part of me just wants to wallow but I refuse to give in.

Need to control my diet from now on. No nuts, soy, anchovies, beansprouts, etc.

Still waiting for things to happen. Like my Japanese food Mother’s Day treat.

Taking it all one day at a time. Work is crazyyyyyy.

I won’t give in. 

My lil chubbcheeks

It feels like being a mother for the first time again because Hana is so different from her sister. Relearning baby cues and routines. 

Our visit for her first jab and check showed her height and weight being above 70-75th percentile. πŸ˜‚ Oh the backaches and arm aches!

She wants a certain way to sleep like latching to sleep and really putting her cheek on my chest once she’s done latching. She sleeps all snuggled into my side and somehow manages to wriggle close even when I try to get more room for myself. 

Oh yes, she has started babbling and responding to people around her. But that break-your-heart grin when she wants your attention… You could literally see her papa melt into a puddle of goo. πŸ˜‚

I jumped onto the tula bandwagon and managed to score a half wc but I dont feel the love for it. Considering getting a half/full wc in November or December, since Hana should be able to fit into a standard by then. The Ergo stowaway doesnt work for me because I really feel my back aching from the super thin material. Still learning how to use a ring sling, lent by Rina. But I am a lazy mum. And my baby likes to be upright. 

Been using my JJB BFF in Empress a lot when we go out. Its really a bag that I enjoy packing up and using. Prefer the backpack straps when Im babywearing though… The QOTN BRB hasnt seen much action but we use both bags when we go back to Segar. My Spectra M1 fits in my FuelCell nicely. 

And JJB had to give a sneak peek of the latest print. 😱 πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ˜±

More JuJuBe!Β 

I caved and bought the Be set and BFF from the Legacy: Empress line. The print looks soooo pretty in pictures and are even more gorgeous in real life! 

I was a bit iffy about the BFF since I already have the BRB. When it arrived, I took it out of the packaging and my heart sank a bit. It felt a lil heavy. Told myself to give it a few more days and then I tried out the bag. Backpack style was great, could hardly feel the weight on the shoulders. Using it a a sling bag works comfortably crossbody style. Yes, another JJB purchase I love!

I only recently learnt on the Pink Ladies forum that the Be Sets are all handmade. 😱 Amazing workmanship!!! I will not complain about print placement on any of my Be Sets anymore. *pinky swear*

So many ideas on blog entries for JuJuBe. Packing entries for the BRB and the BFF and a stash shot of what I have so far. Exciting!

And yes, you can never have too many JuJuBe. 😘